El Proyecto Final // Final Project

Ha sido un tiempo desde nuestro entrada pasada, porque estábamos trabajando un montón en un vídeo final. Mientras el vídeo es parte de un proyecto para nuestra clase de Doctrina Social, esta entrada no es para nuestro proyecto. Ya estamos afuera de los obligaciones de nuestra clase. Ahora, nuestras entradas estarán sorpresas a ti y yo juntos, porque nunca pensaba que este blog continuara después de nuestro proyecta ya esta entregando. Pero aquí, estamos… y todavía estoy escribiendo- porque a tener ochenta seguidores de nuestro blog en pocas semanas es increíble. Parece como hay una necesidad para este espacio a continuar la discusión sobre el abuso contra la mujer. Por esa razón, yo quiero continuar este blog, y espero que continúes a leer.

Espero que te guste el vídeo. Los comentarios son bienvenidos, como siempre. (Esta entrada estaba creado por Julia)

It’s been a while since our last entry- this is because we were working on a final video. While the video is part of a class project for our Social Doctrine Theology class, this entry is not for our project. We are already finished with the obligations of our class project. Now,we will be surprised, you and me together, because I never thought that this blog would continue after our project had been finished and turned into our professor. But here we are … and I’m still writing- because we have acquired eighty followers for our blog in just a few weeks; this is amazing. It looks like there is a need for this space to continue the discussion about the abuse against women. For that reason, I want to continue this blog, and I hope you continue to read.

Comments are welcome, as always. (This post was created by Julia)

El Proyect Final // The Final Project:

It’s far from perfect, but that’s what happens with a tight deadline, right? I still hope you find meaning in the video and please feel free to add thoughts in our comments section.

Está lejos de ser perfecto, pero eso es lo que sucede con un plazo ajustado, ¿verdad? Tengo la esperanza que encuentre significado en el vídeo y por favor siéntase libre de añadir pensamientos en nuestra sección de comentarios.


One thought on “El Proyecto Final // Final Project

  1. This is far from imperfect, Julia! Perfection lies in the love, not in the time you invest in any project, and this is a video made with love! I have no doubt it would be even better if you had a larger deadline, and of course you will be improving in everything you do, but please do not ever worry (and this means something from someone like me, who has been a perfectionist to the point of ruining the joy of life), for in our male-dominated world, perfect facades hide the ugliest distortions more often than not. I do not trust any philanthropist organization with their fancy videos; I trust you and I believe in you and in each member of your team incomparably more! Our blog is following yours now, too; this is not just an academic discussion you have started here, but an important energetic exchange, a transcendental prayer that is empowering our valuable girls and women everywhere, strengthening our common humanity so that we become receptive to the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine for the creation of a balanced world. A huge thank you from my heart to all of yours for your support, and for extending your message to everyone.
    Blessings and Love,

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